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Lighting Specification

Gallwch hefyd anfon ymholiad at ein tîm digwyddiadau...



(with 2 monitors and 2 fader wings)


48 channels of dimming available total:
Strand Tempus dimmer (6×2.4KW) x6
Strand Act6 dimmer (6×2.4KW) x2
Dimmers are controlled with DMX converted to D54


Strand Harmony 1K 15/28 profile x3
Strand Cantata 1.2K 26/44 profile x2
Strand Harmony 1K fresnel  x30
Strand Harmony 22  x10
Strand Coda 500W/4 cell flood x4 (default rig on US cyc bar)
Strand Coda 500W/4 cell (2 circuit) x3
Strand Coda 500W flood x4
Profile 650W 16-30 x4
Selecon Pacific Profiles 650W 180-340 x2
ETC S4 Jr 575W 25×50 x2
Par64 CP60 x18
LEDJ LED Par x12 (rigged on FOH and side bars)
Martin Mac 250+ x4
Robe Colorspot 250 AT x4
QTX moving head LED washes x4
5’ UV fluorescent tubes x3 (permanently rigged DS of bar 1)
Strobe x2 (permanently rigged on FOH bar)


Strand Solo 2K (tungsten) followspots x2
Positions at rear of balcony each side of control room

LX Rigging Positions

FOH bar – 6 paired circuits
Side bars – 5 patched circuits
Balcony advance bar – 4 patched circuits

Bar 1 – 12 paired circuits
Mid bar – 12 paired circuits
Cyc bar – 5 sets of 4 patched circuits


Two chandeliers (60 x 40W) on individual dimmers Numerous sodium fittings controllable via master switch Fluorescent


Touring supply for lighting use 100A 3P ceeform located stage right
Comms available at control, stage right, stage left and followspot positions

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